VMware Carbon Black Enrollment Updates

The VMware Carbon Black Training team completed our migration to deliver all Instructor Led Sessions on VMware native systems. This page will outline the process for Carbon Black customers with Enrollment codes to request enrollment into a training session on VMware's MyLearn site.

If you have an enrollment code for the Carbon Black Certification exam, please use this link to enroll in the certification. The certifications are only available for those who previously purchased access and have an enrollment code.

Create an account on MyLearn.

In order to register you for a session on VMware's MyLearn site, you will need to create an account. In order to do so, please use the link below to access the account creation page.

Create an Account Page

Find and select a training session.

The purchased training will align to the Carbon Black name. Use the linked VMware Name to navigate to the course page which will include the upcoming schedule, a datasheet, and additional information about the course.

VMware Course Name

Carbon Black Course Name

Carbon Black Protection Administrator
Carbon Black Protection Introductory Analyst
Administrator Training - Rapid Implementation

Carbon Black Protection Rules
Carbon Black Protection Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Carbon Black Cloud LiveOps Advanced Administrator

Carbon Black Cloud Defense Advanced Administrator

Carbon Black Cloud ThreatHunter Advanced Administrator

Carbon Black Response Administrator
Carbon Black Response Introductory Analyst

Carbon Black Response Advanced Administrator

Carbon Black Response Advanced Analyst
Analyst Skills Training - Carbon Black Response

Email your enrollment request.

After creating your account on MyLearn and selecting an upcoming training session, please email the Carbon Black training team with your enrollment request and include all the information requested below.

Click Here to Generate the Email

Required Information

MyLearn Account Email Address:
VMware Course Name:
Session Date:
Session Time Zone:
Enrollment Code:

Last modified: Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 5:45 PM