Training Academy Updates 2020

The VMware Carbon Black Training academy is quickly migrating to VMware native systems, and in the process of doing this, we are going to make some significant changes.

Partners & Customers, please visit this alert page for details.

The Partner Academy is Moving.

As of 01 September 2020, the majority of our partners will transition to VMware's systems for partner enablement and training. Please see the Partner Academy Homepage for addition details.

Our enterprise partner team is working hard to get our partners migrated over to the new VMware systems and processes. We will be retiring the Partner Academy on CB Tech in the near future.

When the time comes, The Partner Academy Homepage will be updated with a special notification and links to the new material.

Changes to Our Courses.

To streamline our training offerings, we are making some changes to our library of courses.

CB Response Introductory Analyst will be retired. We will be converting the codes over to EDR Administrator level training.

We are reworking the EDR Administrator course to include some of the key topics from the Introductory Analyst course to still give an exercise for analyst level work, while also covering the administrative pieces.

CB Protection Diagnostics and Troubleshooting, along with CB Protection Rules will be aligned to a one-day offering rather than two half-day classes. We will be calling this course App Control Advanced Administrator.

We are working internally to find a path forward for customers that purchased one or the other or both in order to ensure you do not lose value.

We are Updating All of Our Courses.

We will be renaming our courses to align with the new product names within VMware active as of April 06.

Please note the following:

CB Protection = VMware Carbon Black App Control

CB Response = VMware Carbon Black EDR

CB Response Cloud = VMware Carbon Black Hosted EDR

CB Defense = VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard

CB LiveOps = VMware Carbon Black Cloud Audit and Remediation

CB ThreatHunter = VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR

As we continue to migrate and bring together the two companies, we will be moving our training delivery to VMware’s systems. Our training courses are currently listed there, and we will be posting the schedule shortly. We will be migrating Partners and Employees to the MyLearn system, followed by Customers. We will work with customers and their account managers for a way forward and any possible changes in training purchased.

If you have any questions in regards to the changes above, please reach out to

Last modified: Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 11:42 AM