Plan Your Development—Predictive Security Cloud

The Cb Predictive Security Cloud (PSC) simplifies everything: one cloud, one sensor, one set of data that delivers comprehensive endpoint protection.

The PSC curriculum in Cb Tech provides a library of curricula, which you can self-tailor to find learning related to topics and applications that you use day to day. Our competency-based approach is designed to provide you with the information to learn and apply the skills you need. Each set of curricula utilizes a badge system, so you can identify the learning you need and track your progress.

Whether you use Defense to actively respond to possible threats or you set up and manage Defense policies, our Defense curriculum can help. This self-service curriculum (including video, interactive modules, and live webinars) is organized by badge path. Each of these badge paths helps you identify the content relevant to you and how you use Cb Defense.



Complete this badge path for a general understanding of Defense.

This path is intended for managers and/or read only users who do not use Defense day-to-day but who want an understanding of how it works.


Complete this badge path if you need to understand how to get Defense up and running.

This path includes content related to deploying and managing sensors, understanding policies, and managing advanced settings.


Complete this badge if you are creating and managing policies for your organization.

Policies are the sets of rules applied to endpoints that dictate how Defense behaves. For example, policy rules dictate how Defense responds to possible malware, allows files you want to run, and what files you want to upload for analysis.


Complete this badge if you are investigating and responding to possible threats.

This path includes content related to alerts, responding to alerts, and investigating threats.

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Last modified: Thursday, October 25, 2018, 2:44 PM