Welcome to Cb Technical Academy V2.0

Training Overview

Carbon Black Technical Academy is your single-source portal for technical training on Cb Protection, Cb Response, and Cb Defense.

We offer progressive learning experiences, taking your journey from introductory level to certified expertise.

Training Modalities

We offer instructor-led, virtual training classes. These training classes are offered several times a month, in five primary time zones—Pacific US, Eastern US, Greenwich Mean Time, Singapore Standard Time, and Eastern Australia. These standard courses may be delivered privately, online or onsite, to only your team.

We also offer on-demand courses which have little to zero real-time engagement with immediate access to learning content and maximum flexibility to learn at any time, from anywhere.

Role-Based Focus

Our product-based curricula are delineated by role—Administrator and Analyst

Carbon Black Administrators gain an in-depth technical understanding of the Cb system and will be responsible for the configuration and maintenance of the system according to their organizations' security posture and operational policies.

This is someone who may lead or be a member of the installation and configuration team.

Carbon Black Analysts use the Cb product on a daily basis and are responsible for monitoring and enforcement of corporate security policy.

This is someone who will use the console for monitoring, reporting, analyzing, and approving specific software, as well as, configuring approval mechanisms per corporate security policy.

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